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5 Famous People Who Went Bankrupt

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5 Famous People Who Went Bankrupt. Multi-million-dollar yachts, mega-mansions, private jets, luxury cars, and more, these businessmen had it all and were worth billions.

But a series of bad decisions, bad luck and other factors made them loose it all.

From Vijay Mallya to Sean Quinn and Eike Batista to Donald Trump many of these famous people went bankrupt.

Let’s check out who is on the number 1 rank in this list:

1. Vijay Mallya

5 Famous People Who Went Bankrupt

The “King of Good Times” became India’s richest liquor king after taking over his father’s mid-sized firm at the age of 28.

He turned that firm into a multi-billion-dollar company.

His trouble began when the amount of debt started to pile on his Kingfisher Airlines. As a result of which he fled to UK and became a wanted criminal.

2. Sean Quinn

5 Famous People Who Went Bankrupt

Sean Quinn , was once the richest person in Ireland with a net value of about $6 billion in 2005. He had stakes in various multinational companies including Bupa Ireland and Anglo-Irish Bank.

But after the great recession in 2008, Sean Quinn lost almost all of his family wealth and went bankrupt.

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3. Elizabeth Holmes

5 Famous People Who Went Bankrupt

She became the youngest self-made female billionaire in 2015 after her healthcare technology company, Theranos reached $9 billion in valuation.

But her time as a billionaire was cut short as federal investigators looked over her company with allegations of misleading its investors.

Following these allegations, her credibility and personal wealth both took a serious hit and she went bankrupt.

4. Eike Batista

5 Famous People Who Went Bankrupt

Eike Batista with a net worth of $30 Billion became the 8th richest person in the world in 2011. But after a sudden crash in the mining industry, his multi-billion-dollar mining business crashed.

He lost $20 billion in just one year after the crash. A year later, due to his massive debt, his personal wealth went negative.

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5. Donald Trump

5 Famous People Who Went Bankrupt

US President Donald Trump is no stranger to bankruptcy.

Though Trump himself has never declared bankruptcy, but he has declared bankruptcy on quite a few of his numerous companies including his ‘Taj Mahal casino’ and ‘Plaza Hotel’ in New York.

This was all about 5 Famous People Who Went Bankrupt.

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