Best Guitar Brands in India

Hey everyone, so today’s blog is basically dedicated to Best Guitar Brands in India. As we know, specially beginners face difficulty in choosing the best guitars for themselves.

Due to so much of varieties available nowadays, this is very confusing for the beginners to go for the one brand. So, today I will help you with the Best Guitar Brands in India for Beginners.


Before coming directly to the main point, do you know that the best budget for buying the guitar is around 8000-10,000 Rs. I know you guys must be thinking that guitar around 1500-3000 Rs is fine what’s wrong in that.

But you must check the price to value ratio before finalizing your product. Price to value ratio means What value is coming out of what you are paying.

Guitars in the price range of 2000-3000 Rs are not long lasting as compare to others in competition. The build quality of these guitars is also not good. And the major thing is that you can learn only basic in this.

So if you just want to learn the basics then you can go for these guitars. But I suggest think twice before choosing the Best Guitar Brands in India.

So, let’s get start with it.

5 Best Guitar Brands in India

1. Yamaha

Yamaha has started its Musical Industry in 2008.

The best and the most selling guitar overall India is Yamaha. This is an awesome piece under 10,000 Rs.


The reason is, Yamaha’s sound quality and brand value is much more better than others. First time in India Yamaha has launched a guitar under 10,000 Rs with cut-away body. So you must go for it.

Yamaha has a wide range of Acoustic, Electric, Classical and Nylon Guitars. You can buy these from

I personally use Yamaha guitar and am damn sure that this will not let your hopes down.

2. Ibanez

This is the best acoustic guitar in India that deserve the number second position for sure.


You can simply buy this from Amazon and this will cost you not more than 10,000 Rs. Along with this ibanez also provides you the manual, so that beginners can learn more quickly.

This brand deals in Acoustic guitars, Electric guitars, Electric basses and much more.

3. Fender

Fender is an American based brand in US, established in 1946 by Leo Fender. This brand is very well known for its commitments all over the world.


They have collaborated with Amazon India, and these guitars are budget friendly also.

Fender guitar seems to be very good and not so expensive piece for beginners. It is a guitar with solid wood, high pressured laminates and layered back and sides.

4. Cort

Cort: This guitar company is established in 1960. These guitars are amazingly good ones and affordable too.


These guitars have an attractive look and nice finishing. The things that I would like to highlight about this guitar:

To start with I would talk about the tuners and this is the great adding. You will have to do some practicing with the strings to get a good crunchy tones.

So, if you are somebody who likes to flutter the note 2 and also like to play different tunings,
then you must buy this.

5. Hertz

Hertz Musical Industry was founded in the year 2005. This was also evidently one of the first Indian guitar manufacturers to launch its own website concerning to provide access to its customers worldwide.


Hertz Guitar is sure to provide an exceptional performance. These guitars are crafted from top graded material and ensures good quality sound.

It is satisfactory choice for both starters and professionals. This acoustic guitar with 6 strings and packed with the range of features is sure to impress.

So this was all about Best Guitar Brands in India. Now moving on with the other things, I will also tell you the best acoustic guitars from these brands only.

So that you can get bit more clarity about this. So without wasting your time let’s get over to that.

Best Acoustic Guitar in India

1. Yamaha FS100C

This is a very light guitar and it has a cut-away, so you can easily reach to higher phrase.


If we talk about dimension of this guitar then:

  • Overall length is of 40 inches and width is around 4.3 inches similar to Yamaha F310.
  • Low-about is 14.9 inches. Scale Length is about 25.3 inches. Front is glossy and back-end has totally matt finish.

In terms of sound the base is extremely good. You must go for this.

Price Range- 8000 -10,000 Rs.

2. Ibanez AW120

This guitar has a dreadnought shape and offers better tone. Rosewood fret is present in this guitar.


But the point where this guitar lacks is color because only natural color is available in this. Due to solid spruce top this is the best acoustic guitar under 10,000 Rs.

3. Fender CD60SCE

Before we talk about features, first understand some terminologies, S means Solid, C means cut-away and E means Electronic. Basically it’s a Solid Cut-away Electronic guitar.


This is also a dreadnought guitar. Coming straightly to dimensions:

Overall length is 41 inches, and width is 4.6 inches. Scale length is 25.4 inches. Low-about 15.5 inches. Neck of this guitar is wide that’s very good for finger style.

That’s pretty much about dimension.

Price Range – 20,000-25000 Rs.

4. Cort AD810

According to me, this is the best guitar to buy in India specially for beginners. Without wasting time, directly move on dimensions:


Overall length is 41.2 inches, sound box is 20 inches, width is about 4.6 inches, low-about 11.5 inches, up-about is 15.5 inches and last but not the least scale length is 25.7 inches.

Due to bigger low-about the base is more prominent. Generally sound is very bright and you can buy this under 10,000 Rs.

5. Hertz HZR 4002E

The reason for keeping this guitar in top 5 is due to its price range only. Because under 10,000 Rs if you are looking for electric guitar, then I think this is the one that you should go for.

This is the best electric guitar in India.


If we talk about its sound quality then, both acoustically and electrically the sound is really good. This guitar has fiber body from the back and very thin.

Only two colors are available i.e Natural and black.


This was pretty much about Best Guitar Brands in India. So I think this blog can really help you a lot if you guys are confused.

But I suggest you to choose the guitar according to your preferable dimensions. Because this will surely benefits you in long run.

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