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Write for Prayag Lite:

Hey, are you a designer or SEO expert? Are you running a business or are you a freelancer who is looking for a backlink at free of cost via guest post?

Then you are in right place, Prayag Lite has DA of around 50 according to AHREFs. So you can easily get a backlink from us. But in return, you have to provide us a unique piece of content.

Let’s move on to some main points.

Guest Post for Prayag Lite


  • Unique and Original Piece of content in about 1500+ words. Words less than 1500 are not acceptable. You can elongate your piece of work up to 5000 words.
  • Image dimensions must be 500 X 500 pixels and the size should be less than 50KB.
  • Translated content will be rejected, so don’t waste your time in translating the content from other languages to English.
  • Your main focus should be on Grammer and Keywords.
  • Don’t just write the content for the sake of getting a backlink, we approve only valuable contents.
  • Proper research work with the links of the Sources from where you get the ideas.
  • You must write your Bio after the content so that we can mention your name and your achievements.
  • You can place only one personal link in your Bio that can be related to your website or any Social Media Handle.
  • Please attach your photograph too.
  • Design images on your own, if you can’t then please use the images with their source links.

Topics for Guest Post:

  • Digital Marketing
  • Sports
  • SEO
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Online Gaming
  • Electronics
  • Entertainment
  • Recipes
  • Clothes
  • Interesting Facts with full R&D
  • Religious
  • WordPress

So you can write for us on any of the above mentioned topics.

To reach us, prepare your guest post in Doc Format or PDF Format and send that to [[email protected] ]. Your Subject must be “Guest Post for Prayag Lite“.

Please be calm with the process as we received a lot of requests daily, so we will reply you as soon as we read your content to give you updates.

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What you will Get:

You will get a backlink from us along with this we will mention you in our Social Media Handles to increase your reach and to let others know about your achievements. We will also help you in getting traffic to your blogs at free of cost.

You just have to remain calm with the process. If you like this, then start writing and reach us ASAP.