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How to Say Hello in French?

According to Google Translator, there is only one way to speak Hello in French.

Learning the French Language is currently in trend these days. Apart from this most of the schools have made this language a compulsory subject.

During this lockdown period, everyone wants to gain some kind of knowledge that can be of any kind like Learning Recipes, languages, and much more.

So today we are here to help you guys in learning the French Language.

We will provide you some basic information like How to Say Hello in French, How to say Good Morning in French, How to say Goodbye in French and much more.

I have spent around 6 months learning French and you will not believe that this language is really awesome to speak.

In India apart from English Language, French is also becoming a popular one.

There are many training centers all around India that are charging thousands of rupees for teaching the French Language.

But we are doing this for free. See how great we are….. (haha)

According to a website report, 275 million people around the world speak the French Language. Can you believe this?

I know some of you must be thinking that how did this language originate. The answer to this question is:

The French Language begins in Gaul.

In just a few minutes you are going to be a part of these 275 million people. Are you excited about this?

I don’t know about you guys but I am excited about this for sure. LOL…

Okay, so without wasting time, let’s get started learning French from now onwards.


1. Bonjour – “Hello in French”

That’s how we say Hello in French. Let’s have a look at some of the ways to use “Bonjour” in our daily routine sentences.

“Bonjour people out there. I hope you are safe and healthy at your home.”

“Bonjour what are you doing?”

Now you can start using this word with your family members and friends. Oh, you can use this in your school as well.

In English, we use the word “Hello” to greet someone. Right? The same way French people use “Bonjour”.

I know this would be difficult for the guy who is learning French for the first time. But after getting used to it, you will really love this language.

Moving forward.

2. Salut – “Hi”

That’s how we say Hi in French. Okay, now let’s move on to some sentences.

“Salut Rahul, what are you doing?”

“Salut Rohan, how are you?”

We can use this word on a phone call as well like:

“Salut, who’s there on call?”

In India, we use the word “Salute” to give respect to others, basically to our army officers especially.

But in French “Salut” is used to greet someone like “Bonjour”.

3. Au revoir – “Goodbye”

I know, I know this word is a little bit difficult to pronounce.

You know, the first time I also faced difficulty in pronouncing this word, but now I am used to it.

Let’s have a look at some of the sentences.

“Au revoir, I am going back home.”

“Thanks for the visit, Au revoir.”

“I am leaving for home, Au revoir.”

That’s how we say goodbye in French.

4. Bonjour – “Good Morning “

Yes, you read that right. That’s how we say Good morning in French.

“Bonjour” is used in two different ways for hello and good morning. Let’s have a look.

“Bonjour, I hope you are well.”

“Bonjour, have you done yesterday’s pending work?”

Don’t get confused in this like in English we use the word “Hello” and “Hi” for greetings.

The same way “Bonjour” is used in French.

5. Bonsoir – “Good Evening”

This French word is similar to “Bonjour” but as you can see it’s different in writing as well as in speaking too.

One thing you guys have to keep in mind is that practice these words in your daily life only then you can speak French easily.

Now, let’s have a look at some of the sentences.

“Bonsoir, can I come to your home?”

“Bonsoir, are you alone?”

“I am done with my work and now I am leaving, Bonsoir.”

“Bonsoir, have a nice day.”

6. Bonne après-midi – “Good Afternoon”

Getting off track?

But I am raising the track only for you guys.

I know some of the words are really hard to speak in French. But if you want to learn the French language then you guys have to do this.

Even students have to learn these words who are studying the French Language in schools.

Let’s have a look at some of the sentences.

“Bonne après-midi, sir.”

“Bonne après-midi, I hope you are enjoying the sun.”

7. Bonne Nuit – “Good Night”

This word is simple to speak. Right?

That’s how French people make their day off by saying the word “Bonne Nuit”.

The word “Nuit” is a little bit similar to “night”. Isn’t it?

So now looking at the above paragraph you can relate that French people use “Bonne” in place of “Good”.

Let’s move on to some of the sentences.

“Bonne Nuit love, see you tomorrow.”

“I am going to sleep, Bonne Nuit.”

“The day was so hectic, Bonne Nuit.”

8. Comment Allez-Vous – “How are you”

Now as you guys are done with some basic words, let’s start learning some big word phrases.

“Comment Allez-Vous” is used in the French Language to ask someone about their health.

Let’s have a look at some of the sentences.

” Hello Comment Allez-Vous?”

“Comment Allez-Vous Tanish, I hope you are well.”

In English, we also use the word “How are you” to ask someone about their health.

The same way French people use “Comment Allez-Vous”.

I know you guys must be relating the French “Comment” word with the English “Comment” word, but these are totally different from each other.

No inter-connections.

9. Bienvenue – “Welcome”

That’s how we say Welcome in French.

“Welcome” word is used in two different ways, one is in return for the word “Thank You” and the other is when someone visits your home.

Suppose someone has said “Thanks” to you so in return you have to say “Welcome” as respect.

Let’s take a look at some of the sentences.

“Bienvenue Sir.”

“Bienvenue, our doors are always open for you.”

10. Merci – “Thank You”

The word which we all use in our daily routine is “Thank You”.

So it’s important to learn How to say Thank You in French as well.

Moving on to some sentences.

“Merci for this beautiful gift.”

“Visit again, Merci.”

I know this word is simple to speak, and it is somewhere related to the famous football player Messi. Am I right?

Okay, now the last word of the day is…

11. Génial – “Great”

The last word you can use this for a blog is “Génial”. Just kidding, don’t get offended by this.

“Great” is the word that we use for motivating someone. The same way “Genial” is used.

Let’s take a look at some of the sentences.

“You have done a genial job.”

“Génial work.”


This was all about today’s blog. I hope you have learned How to Say Hello in French.

Now till our next blog, you guys have to practice these 11 words daily with your friends or loved ones.

This is the only way to learn French easily in a little time span.

Merci, Have a Nice Day!!!

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