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Main Reasons for Google Indexing Problems

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Today in this blog we will talk about the Main Reasons for Google Indexing Problems. In past months, I also faced many difficulties while Indexing my URLs.

Let’s start from scratch. I started this blogging journey last year and had no idea what to do and what not to do. Slowly I started writing content by looking at my competitors.

But then after submitting the URLs to Search Console, I faced many problems.

Like URL not indexing, URL indexed but didn’t appear in SERPs, URL indexed but I ranked on the last.

Main Reasons for Google Indexing Problems

I was demotivated by going through all this, watching Youtube videos was also not helpful for me. So then I came to know that we can talk on Google Help Community and they can really help us with their great ideas.

So I created a thread over there, mentioning all my problems and within 24 hours I got a reply from them. Let’s have a look at the answers that I received from them.

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Possible Reasons for Google Indexing Problems

  • Google doesn’t index each and every URL that it encounters, because there are billions of websites over the internet that are providing the same content. So you must have to write something unique and great.

Let’s take an example: A website name “SearchEngineJournal” is ranking on the keyword “Indexing Problems” with the content of around 300 words. So if I want to rank my website for the same keyword. Then I have to write totally unique content of more than 300 words which must include the things that other websites are not providing. These things can be either infographics, normal graphics, youtube video content, etc.

  • Don’t just do keyword stuffing to make your website rank. Be natural, and build an authority website so that google can consider this as a good signal to make you rank.

Let’s take an example: In my case, my contact page had just a form nothing else, so they told me to make it more professional by adding an address over there. So, I added the address to make it look more professional. Other than that if you think backlinks can make your website more authoritative then you are wrong. Google’s Gold Product Expert told me that “Manually building backlinks are considered as spam and they are just waste of time”. Our main focus should be on making high-quality content only. Don’t believe any Youtube videos they are just trying to get more subscribers by providing you a bunch of low-quality backlinks websites nothing else.

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  • Don’t submit your URL on Search Console again and again, this gives an indication to Google that you are trying something fishy and it will start neglecting you.

Let’s take an example: When I got frustrated after my URL was not indexing, I started submitting that again and again. The result was google took me as a spammer and neglected my webpages. So what I learned from this is that “just write the content and let google crawl your website on its own. Don’t even submit the URL let google take this into account on its own end. Believe me, this would be more beneficial. Sometimes Google takes around a week to index an URL you just have to be calm at that time.

  • Never ever think of yourself while writing the content, your main focus should be on building your audience.

Let’s take an example: When I started my career in blogging my main goal was to earn money via Adsense and I was ready to do anything for that. Even I purchased backlinks for ranking, many times I copied the content but Google is much smarter than we think. With these activities, I never ranked. So just write the unique content by keeping your audience in mind that are you writing something that your audience will love or not.

  • Try not to include many affiliate product links at the beginning of your blogging career. Do this activity in limit so that google will consider you as a good person haha.

Let’s take an example: My first website was ClearQueries. What I did in that was in the hope to earn more money I paste the affiliate links everywhere, as a result, Google took this as a creepy one and neglected my website. You won’t believe that even my Homepage was not indexed at that time. So, I removed all those links, after then google approved my website.

  • Make sure that none of your website pages are responding to 404. Otherwise, Google will consider that your website is still in development mode.

Let’s take an example: I renewed a domain after a month of expiration and decided to host that on a new server, in result all the old pages were moved to 404, and google transferred my website in the development mode category and rejected my request at the time of URL submission.


So this was my experience that I have shared with you regarding Google Indexing Problems. What I learned from this is just focus on your audience and your content leave everything else.

This will take the time of sure but the results would be in your favor only. Don’t go for any kind of backlink buildings as even one manual backlink building is considered as a penalty by Google.

Just spy your competitor’s content and try to make something great from them so that google can rank you.

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Have a good day.

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