Beautiful Led Lights For Your Staircase


This is the most in-demand product nowadays. This profile light can be installed as per your needs - sensor based or button based.

1) Profile Light

This two-way Led Light can be the best fit for your staircase - as it can really give an elegant look to your stairs. 

2) Square Foot Light

So, if you want the light on each of your staircases, then you must go with this round footlight which can be installed easily without any hectic.

3) Round Foot Light

Give an aesthetic look to your entire staircase with this sensor-based profile light. Just keep walking and light will do the rest of the work.

4) Sensor Based Profile Light

Install this beautiful Led Light on your staircase - this aluminium chip Led Light is not sensor based - so you have to control it with the switch.

5) Aluminium Chip Profile Light