How Hurricane Can Affect Southern Florida?

As per weather reports Southern Florida would be affected by the next Tuesday.

Early morning Tropical Storm Ian was located near latitude 14.7 North, longitude 73.5 West 

Hurricane is moving toward the west near 14 mph (22 km/h).

This tropical storm is really scanty for those who are living nearby the sea especially.

The first thing that needs to cover is windows, as there are high chances of window breaking.

Try to keep plenty of stock of batteries, first aid supplies, and food.

Stay indoor as much as you can, and avoid going outdoor. Keep all your fancy things inside.

Take care of your pets as they are also the part of your family.

If possible try to book a room as well in motels or hotels so that if something goes wrong you can immediately escape to that place.

Park your cars inside any parking, because there could be an adverse effect on the window, car engine, etc.

Enable emergency alerts and keep in touch with the weather reports.

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