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Why Paytm App Has Been Removed from PlayStore??

Breaking News!!!! Paytm App Has Been Removed from Google Play Store a few hours ago.

This was happened due to Google New Policy that was released today i.e 18 September 2020.

According to that Policy, “Google clearly said that any app which redirects you to the third party paid websites or any gambling websites are not allowed on its app“. You can read that full statement from here.

Why Paytm App Has Been Removed From Google Store

In the above screenshot you can clearly see that, Paytm is nowhere on PlayStore now. But CEO of Paytm has said they are getting this clear with google, as according to them they are not promoting any gambling sites.

Still Paytm other apps like Paytm Mall, Paytm for Business and Paytm Money are still available on Playstore. But the main app has been removed.

Some memes has also started trending on Instagram:

Now Paytm is only waiting for Google answer on this whole agenda.

As we all know that from tomorrow IPL is starting and according to Google, Paytm is redirecting people to external websites where they can participate in paid matches.

Suddenly removal of Paytm from the playstore has created hype for many of us. There is no news from Paytm, related to what will happen to the balance that we had in our wallet. They just said that money will be safe. Nothing else.

When India Ban 59 Chinese Apps, then also there were rumors that Paytm was also included in that list. But later on it was not there.

But now after Google New Policy, Paytm App Has Been Removed from PlayStore.

Check out the tweet by Paytm Vice President:

The other Gaming App, Dream11 was also not on PlayStore since it was released. According to Govt. is not considered as safe.

Paytm was founded in 2010,  by Vijay Shekhar Sharma and its headquarter is in UP, India. The best app for easy transactions and money transfer is currently in bad condition. Now the wait is only for Google Next Update on whole this.

Stay Tuned!!!!

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