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Why SEO is important in 2020

Today you will learn about Why SEO is important in 2020.

Never ever in the field of blogging or anything on the internet can be done without SEO: Search Engine Optimization. This term is very much important for those who want to rank themselves on the SERPs.

SEO is important in 2020 because rather than paid advertising organic traffic matters much for those who can’t run ads. I am not saying that paid advertising is bad, but organic ranking is something that even paid advertisers want. So to get this organic traffic SEO is important in 2020.

Suppose if you have a Youtube channel, then also SEO plays an important role in ranking your videos. In the form of Title and Tags, SEO can help you guys to increase your reach.

If you have a Social Media Channel then also SEO plays a vital role in ranking your posts in the search bar. In this case, using the appropriate hashtags and the ALT Text can help you increase the visibility of your posts.

SEO is like petrol in the car, you can’t move ahead without that. You have to complete the SEO steps to increase your ranking.

Another example is SEO is like salt in the food, you will not feel the taste unless you put salt in the food. The same case is with SEO, you have to implement some SEO strategies to improve your rankings.

OK, now I will give you my own examples that I faced in my career regarding SEO.

I always wanted to rank number 1 on all the search terms that I used in my content. So, I started writing content without optimizing SEO strategies. And the result was that I was nowhere in SERPs.

It totally broke me, like I was spending my days writing the content. But nothing seems to be effective in my case.

You guys will not believe that I didn’t eat chicken for around 3 years assuming that becoming vegetarian will help me in getting rankings. LOL…

But jokes apart, I have done everything to rank myself on Google. Even I bought backlinks for around 2000 Rupees in a hope that with these I can rank.

The result was same, I didn’t rank.

I started watching Youtube videos. I came to know about some SEO strategies with the help of which other Bloggers are ranking.

So, again I got some hopes and implemented those strategies into my content.

In the beginning it was looking like now I will rank number 1 on Google.

Because I got all the strategies.

But I never got an idea to write the content for the user.

Experimenting for around 2 years, I made my own strategies with which I started to rank on Google.

So now you guys will come to know Why SEO is important in 2020 with some strategies that I made.

Why SEO is important in 2020

Why SEO Matters ?

You guys must be thinking that why this author is focusing so much on SEO. There are many other solutions available in the market with which we can get traffic.

One of the solution is Paid Advertising.

But if you are an agency whose turnover is million dollars, you can afford paid advertising very easily.

But what about freelancers, and small businessmen, they can’t afford a daily budget of Rupees 500 for paid advertising.

They have to implement SEO strategies to get organic rankings. That’s why SEO matters.

By implementing only On-Page SEO strategies you can do great in the field of blogging. Just focus on ALT Text, Keywords Stuffing, Title and Description.

If these 4 things are done excellently no one I repeat no can stop you from getting tons of organic traffic.

Now the thing is everyone is telling the same in the market.

No one tells how to do that. So let’s get start with it.

How SEO is Done ?

Suppose, you are writing a blog on Best Guitar Brands in India, but you are not familiar to this topic.

What you will do ?

You will search the term on google and start reading those blogs. Right ??

After getting some knowledge about that. You started writing your own content on “Best Guitar Brands in India”.

Now SEO plays a crucial role. Your title and description are the main things that comes to the user first before your content.

So to grab their attention you must write something unique. Like Best Guitar Brands in India in 2020, or Best Guitar Brands in India for Beginners.

Surely the audience will click on your result to read your blog. The same is with the description, you can summarize your blog in about 150 words so that the user must click in.

One Major Tip: Use emoji in your Title like this:

Why SEO is important in 2020

Using emoji will create something good for the eyes and users will get attention to this easily and the result is you will get a click.

Let’s take an example if you are writing a blog on Guitars. You can paste the guitar emoji in your title. I am damn sure you will get higher clicks than others even if you are ranking on number 3 or 4.

Moving ahead try to maintain a keyword density of 1 to 1.5%. You can use Wordcounter to track all this.

If your blog is about 500 words then your keyword must come only 2 times.

If your blog is about 1000 words then your keyword must come only 5 times.

Try to maintain a good ratio of keywords so that the google algorithm will also help you in getting rankings.

Last step is use the same keyword in your image ALT text like this:


Doing these 4 things correctly, you will get a rank in SERP for sure.

The picture is still pending, after implementing On-Page SEO Strategies. You have to move forward on Off-Page SEO strategies.

You guys must be thinking that doing Off Page is boring and hardworking.

Yes, the process is boring and hardworking, but the results that you will get after implementing this are hilarious. Only Off-Page SEO is the one pillar that will help you in the long run.

Which SEO is Best for Long Run ?

In my case, I got rankings by implementing these Off-Page SEO strategies only. Because nowadays everyone is focusing on On-Page rather than going for Off-Page.

Some of the best Off-Page SEO strategies are Blog Commenting, Directory Submissions, Business Listings, Web Promotions, and Social Bookmarking, etc.

As I said I will help you in each and every phase. So now I will provide you some of the websites that I used myself for my clients for doing Off-Page.

Directory Submissions:


Web Promotions:


Business Listings:


Social Bookmarking:


These are some of the best Off-Page SEO strategies that I used myself. So you are also advised to implement the same strategies to get better results.

I think now you are very much clear about Why SEO is important in 2020 and Best SEO strategies that can really help you in rankings.

For more information download this PDF to get a clear view of SEO.

If you guys are still facing any kind of problems then you can comment down and I will help you for sure.

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