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Do you want your home to look more appealing? Here’s how Prayag Lite LED Strip Lights would be an ideal choice to give your home a perfect lighting touch. As you all know, choosing the right ceiling light is important whether you’re a gamer, an employee working from home, or a student.

A minor mistake while selecting LED Ceiling Lights can turn into a major one. LED Strip Lights are installed for decorative purposes to add a perfect tone of elegance to your home.

You will find these ceiling led tape lights mainly in the wardrobe areas, bedrooms, dining areas, and living rooms; even customers are installing these strip lights in bathrooms these days and at many more places.

Suppose you have a king-size bedroom and want both soothing and good light effects, so we recommend you go for these LED strip lights instead of the old conventional lights to give your room a perfect soothing environment.

Ceiling LED Tape Lights are known for their versatility. These flexible lighting solutions are cost-effective and so linear that they can easily fit into any ceiling.

Coming on to the root of this topic – What is the actual meaning of LED Strip Lights?

LED Strip Lights are basically flexible circuit boards consisting of tiny LED bulbs installed at equal distances (one meter) to emit bright and better light. These modern lights are available in various designs, colours, and styles. These lights can be easily fixed into any ceiling design with the help of adhesive.

Because of their easily adjustable property, you can customize these modern tape lights to any length as per your requirement. Whether you want to create an oval light effect or a pentagon light effect, you can do it effortlessly.

We have all types of lighting solutions to light up your beautiful home. Please browse through our wide range of LED Strip Lights; Prayag Lite may be a new name for you in this market, but you can trust us because our product’s quality speaks louder than words. But the thing that we would like to mention before you start browsing is: “Currently, we don’t have any online sales portal on this website, so for any type of queries, please contact us to get an estimate of the product with heavy discounts.”

LED Strip Lights

Benefits and Features of LED Strip Lights

LED Tape Lights allow you to create your personal space more aesthetic, and with the help of Prayag Lite, you can even do it better. These modern ceiling tape lights are so flexible that you can bend, and curve it as per your ceiling requirement.

Nowadays, everyone has a different colour taste, and when it comes to light – people are becoming more specific while choosing the light effect colour. We are damn sure that these RGB strip lights would solve your colour and budget problems both.

These long-lasting strip lights are highly energy efficient and can be left turned on for long hours without any problem. So from now onwards, forget about the high electricity bills and keep illuminating your life with Prayag Lite.

Due to their durability and water-resistant like features, LED Strip Lights can be easily used outside your home to add some exterior effects to the elevation.

Purchase LED Strip Lights for room from Prayag Lite and enjoy heavy discounts with a guaranteed warranty and quality.

What is the difference between LED Strip Lights and LED Profile Lights?

LED Tape/Strip Lights and LED Profile Lights are similar.

The first difference is that LED Profile Lights are the upgraded version of LED Tape Lights installed inside the aluminium chip plates covered in a clear plastic tube.

Secondly, like strip lights, these profile lights are not flexible; you can’t bend or curve these. You need to install these in a single linear direction or in a criss-cross way in your ceiling.

The third difference is that these profile lights look much better in a single colour as they are used to increase your room’s charm, unlike strip lights.

LED Strip Lights Frequently Asked Questions

Are LED strip lights better than light bulbs?

Yes, without any second thought, Ceiling LED Tape Lights are much better than ordinary light bulbs because strip lights are more environmentally friendly, consume less energy and emit brighter light.

What is profile light?

Profile Lights are the upgraded version of LED Tape Lights installed inside the aluminium chip plates covered in a clear plastic tube. The main motive of these modern-looking lights is to provide an ultimate glow to your room.

Do LED strip lights give enough light?

Yes, strip lights are brighter enough to illuminate your room easily. Whether you’re a professional gamer who wants to highlight the PC background area, an employee working from home, or a student who used to study at night, strip lights would be your best companion.

How long do LED strip lights last?

The average life span of LED Tape Light is approximately 50,000 hours.

Do LED strip lights raise electric bill?

No, it’s not true – strip lights are highly power efficient and can be left turned on for long hours without any problem. So, no need to worry about the high electricity bills.

Which company profile light is best?

Prayag Lite is the best brand for LED Strip/Profile Lights in India – as our products have a longer lifeline, much more efficiency and durability, and the ultimate light quality with two years warranty and lifelong service assurance at your doorstep. We are just a call away.

Can LED strips be left on overnight?

Yes, whether you have installed the strip lights indoors or outdoors, it doesn’t matter; these lights can be left turned on overnight without any problem.

Is it worth buying LED strip lights?

Yes, if you want to give your home a soothing light effect, increase the charm of your home elevation, or highlight any wall specifically, then you should buy LED Strip Lights. It will be like the cherry on the cake if you purchase lights from Prayag Lite.

LED Strip Light Brands Available at Prayag Lite

Here are some different LED Strip Light brand products available at Prayag Lite, apart from our manufactured products.

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