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Give your home an attractive look with Prayag Lite’s LED Ceiling Lights. We are the retailers and wholesalers of LED Ceiling Lights in India. Prayag Lite’s main office is based in Panchkula, Haryana, India. So call us today – get an estimate and Buy LED Ceiling Lights Online in India at affordable rates.

The life span of our high-quality LED Ceiling Lights is more than that of other traditional lights because we believe more in quality. These ceiling lights can be used at any place you want, whether it’s indoors or outdoors.

As we all know, lights are an essential part of today’s necessities and significantly contribute to enhancing the house’s beauty. A high-quality LED Ceiling Light is a must to carry out the activities or daily routines like reading, cooking, or a get-together.

Ceiling lights can create a cozy atmosphere in your surroundings. Choosing the correct type of LED Ceiling Light can change the scenario by providing a relaxed vibe to a particular place. But do you know the fact that lights can also create an impact on our moods? Dim the light, the more it will affect our mood. The bright the light is, the more it will make us pleasant and calm.

Including moods poor light can also affect eyesight, so that’s why it’s always recommended by doctors as well; that do your household chores in the proper light. Beautify your rooms with our modern and decorative LED Ceiling Lights.

You must have seen that these days in modern buildings people are installing a large number of ceiling lights even at corners also to highlight each and everything.

So if you’re looking to Buy LED Ceiling Lights Online in India, Prayag Lite is your final destination for all the lighting. Suppose you want to decorate your room with a simple colour-changing light, then we suggest you go for LED Strip Lights.

The only thing you need to remember while installing these ceiling lights is that; there should be an appropriate amount of distance between these as per your room size so that light can spread into every corner.

Choose the best electrician to carry out these installations because sometimes electricians install these ceiling lights in a hurry without checking out the proper dimensions. The at-last customer has to suffer for the electrician’s carelessness.

If we talk about the best options for LED Ceiling Lights for living rooms or bedrooms, then currently, the market is going after these three below-mentioned lights:

  1. LED COB Lights
  2. LED Track Lights
  3. LED Profile Lights

Please browse through our wide range of LED Ceiling Lights; we at Prayag Lite have all types of lighting solutions to light up your home for any occasion. But the thing that we would like to mention before you start browsing is: “Currently, we don’t have any online sales portal on this website, so for any type of queries, please contact us to get an estimate of the product with heavy discounts.”

Buy LED Ceiling Lights Online in India at Prayag Lite

1. LED COB Lights

LED COB (Chip On Board) Lights are those types of lights installed in the false ceiling to lighten up the smaller areas, balconies, and living areas – you name it, Prayag Lite’s COB Light will prove it. The light shadow of these COB Lights is much higher than the other downlighters. You can expect a long lifeline from these types of LED Ceiling Lights. Enjoy superior lighting and a warm feeling with these LED COB Lights.

2. LED Panel Lights

Do you want to lighten up your mood? LED Panel Lights will do that for you. These easy-to-install LED Ceiling Lights will surely give an aesthetic look to any room of your house. Get a fantastic lighting experience with these slim, lightweight, and compact panel lights. These types of ceiling lights are available in round and square shapes. These stylish panel lights are energy efficient and will provide superior lighting quality.

3. LED Downlighters

Are you experiencing a limited space in the false ceiling? LED Downlighters are here to solve your problem. These ambient lights are easy to afford and install. Apart from this, you get plenty of light in your surroundings with these LED Ceiling Lights. Without occupying large areas, these less power-consuming downlighters will provide excellent lighting feel to your home. These types of ceiling lights are mainly called recessed lights or flush-mounted lights.

4. LED Strip Lights / LED Profile Lights

Give a perfect lighting touch to any room of your house with Prayag Lite’s LED Strip Lights / LED Profile Lights. Choosing the right LED Ceiling Light is your first important task, even if you’re a gamer or an employee working from home. LED Profile Lights or LED Strip Lights sound similar to each other – the only difference is that profile lights are just the upgraded version of strip lights installed inside the aluminium chip plates. These lights are mainly used for decorative purposes in bedrooms, cupboards, dining areas or living rooms, etc. Just adding a fact at last – these are one of the Best LED Ceiling Lights in India.

5. LED Track Lights

The trendy and most luxurious LED Ceiling Light is in front of you. LED Track Lights are those types of lights fixed on the tracks recessed in the ceiling. As per construction guidelines, the ceiling needs to be 6 inches below the concrete roof so that track lights can spread their light properly at every corner. You will mostly find these modern-looking lights in master bedrooms and kitchen areas or to highlight any particular wall art.

6. Hanging Lights

Hanging Lights are the ones that are capable of decorating any sober room and lighting up your mood. As the name suggests – hanging, these types of lights are usually found hanging downwards in the false ceiling. Enhance the beauty of your living rooms, bedrooms, or dining areas with these traditional LED Ceiling Lights. These pendant lights will surely help you to create a cozy atmosphere in your surroundings.

7. Chandeliers

Chandeliers are one of the most elegant and outrageous LED Ceiling Lights. These lights will entertain your guests. The only mandatory thing chandeliers require while installing is ample space in the false ceiling. Chandeliers’ main motive is to decorate the space and makes everyone feel good.

Benefits and Features of LED Ceiling Lights

As per technology and the modern era, LED Ceiling Lights are simultaneously becoming more user-friendly and environment-friendly. Ceiling lights allow you to easily change the light colours and intensity these days depending on your requirements. With a single tap, you can increase the light’s intensity and decrease it as per your needs.

The other benefit of these ceiling lights is; they don’t require much installation space. Apart from this, if you don’t like to see the light wires hanging out in any part of your room, then you must go for these modern lights instead of those traditional tube lights.

If we talk about the other specifications, LED Ceiling Lights offer durability, long-lastingness, and easily adjustable features. These compact and slim ceiling lights provide an adjustable and fully controlled viewing angle.

Forget about your high electricity bill after installing these less power consumption LED Ceiling Lights. Buy LED Ceiling Lights Online from Prayag Lite today and be a part of our modern and environment-friendly family.

LED Ceiling Lights – FAQs

Which are the different types of ceiling lights?

1. LED COB Lights
2. LED Panel Lights
3. LED Downlighters
4. LED Strip Lights / LED Profile Lights
5. LED Track Lights
6. Hanging Lights
7. Chandeliers

What is the significance of LED Ceiling Lights?

The only significance of the LED Ceiling Lights is – they are show stoppers. These lights can enhance the overall look of any room in your house.

Which is one of the Best LED Ceiling Lights in India?

LED Strip Lights are one of the Best LED Ceiling Lights in India. Because they are easy to install, affordable, and provide a seamless look with their colour-changing features. The durability and long-lastingness of strip lights make them one of the selling lights in India.

How many LED Lights do I need for my ceiling?

You must select the number of LED Ceiling Lights per your room size because if you think that by installing 10 – 15 lights, you will get the ultimate output, so that’s not true. Still, as per our experience, if your room size is 15 x 19 feet, then eight lights are more than sufficient.

How do I choose an LED Light for my ceiling?

There are two factors for choosing the LED Ceiling Light you need to know –
1. Brightness
2. Durability

Where should LED Ceiling Lights be placed?

As per the contractors, the ceiling needs to be 6 inches below the concrete roof and there should be a gap of approximately 2 feet between every LED Ceiling Light, so that light can spread properly at every corner.

LED Ceiling Light Brands Available at Prayag Lite

Here at Prayag Lite, apart from our manufactured products, you can also find different LED Ceiling Light brand products –

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