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Lighting is an essential part everyone needs in their home to get some positive and good vibes, and with the help of Prayag Lite LED Track Lights, you can even do it a little better. So call us today – get an estimate and Buy LED Track Lights Online In India at affordable rates.

LED Track Lights, if installed in an adequate number, it can significantly add an aesthetic look to every space in the room. Investing in these modern LED Ceiling Lights will help you elevate the charm of your entire room within just seconds.

Let’s start with the explanation of Track Lights – So; basically, Track Lights are installed on the tracks recessed in the false ceiling. They are similar to LED Downlighters. You can change the face of the lighting manually with your hands just by tilting it as per your requirements.

These modern and classy LED Track Lights are primarily found in king-size bedrooms to highlight wall art, paintings, showrooms, hotels, etc. With the help of their wide-angle lighting feature, Track Lights are an ideal choice for the best possible lighting.

Now you must be wondering what’s inside these Track Lights and how they work – the answer for this is right away:

Track Light works with the help of an adaptor fixed inside in their metal body; around 4 to 6 lights installed in the magnetic track are more than sufficient to light up a room with a soothing lighting effect. These LED Track Lights are available in different variations and various sizes.

Depending on the variation you are going for, most LED Track Lights are energy-efficient and consume low power compared to other ceiling lights.

Try out these compact body modern ceiling lights today and enjoy the pleasant atmosphere. Say goodbye to those boring lights, fill yourself with joy, and lighten up your room with these elegant LED Track Lights.

These track lights are available in three colors – Natural, White, and Warm-White. It’s up to you now which color you want so that you can lighten up your entire room.

Please browse through our wide range of LED Track Lights; Prayag Lite has all types of lighting solutions to light up your home for any event. But the thing that we would like to mention before you start browsing is: “Currently, we don’t have any online sales portal on this website, so for any type of queries, please contact us to get an estimate of the product with heavy discounts.”

How long do LED Track Lights Last?

As per the lighting manufacturers, the average life span of modern LED Track lights is around 50,000 hours. But this may vary depending upon the quality of the LED chip installed inside it.

But, if we consider the average life span of traditional LED Track Lights, then it’s somewhere around 35,000 hours, which is comparatively low compared to modern track lights because of the old-school quality of the LED chip installed inside the metal body.

Moreover, it all depends on where you live; suppose you live in a particular area where fluctuations are experienced on a regular basis; then obviously, you can’t expect that a LED Track Light should last long because continuous fluctuations can damage the chip quickly.

Benefits and Features of LED Track Lights

The sleek body and narrow-look track lights are known to provide the ultimate lighting experience. The energy-saving feature can surely make this light an essential part of your home.

Another benefit of these track lights is; they can be installed easily in compact spaces without tantrums. These modern ceiling lights can help you lighten up your mood with their soothing lighting warmth.

Whether you want to highlight any wall art, painting, or scenery, you must choose these LED Track Lights as your priority; we can assure you that there’s no other better option than these.

The metal-designed body of these track lights is available in two colors – black and white. So, you can choose it as per your needs or depending upon the contrast of your room.

So, what are your waiting for? Try out these budget-friendly modern ceiling lights today, and enhance the look of your home.

What is the three types of track lighting?

1. Fixed LED Track Light – These track lights are ideally installed on the walls; not on the magnetic tracks.
2. Movable/Rotatable LED Track Light – These are flexible LED Track Lights that can fit easily into compact spaces. Even you can also rotate them in the direction which suits your room.
3. Hanging LED Track Light – As the name suggests – hanging; these lights offer you a similar look as LED Downlighters to enhance the beauty of your home.

LED Track Lights Frequently Asked Questions

How far apart should track lights be?

Based on the lights thumb rule, LED Track Lights should be installed every 12 inches – so that light can spread equally into every room corner. As a rule, suggests, the more gap between the lights, the more it will illuminate your room.

What is track lighting best for?

1. Highlight wall art, paintings or scenery, etc
2. Dining space or cooking area
3. King-size bedroom
4. Office

Can track lights be used in living room?

Of course, LED Track Lights can be a perfect fit for living rooms, as we mentioned above – they can be used to highlight or focus any wall paintings or art. With their giant heads, track lights can spread light very beautifully into every corner of your living room.

Is track lighting OK for kitchen?

Yes, LED Track Lights can be an ideal option for your kitchen – as it offers ambient illumination into every corner so that you can focus more while performing the kitchen chores.

How many lights can a track light hold?

You can easily install around 4 to 5 LED Track Lights on a single track at an appropriate gap.

LED Track Light Brands Available at Prayag Lite

Discover some different LED Track Light brand products available at Prayag Lite, apart from our manufactured products.

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