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Glow every corner of your home with Prayag Lite’s LED Panel Lights. Do you want to lighten up your room by going slightly off the trend? Yeah, you heard that right – you must have seen that nowadays, everyone is going after those so-called LED Track Lights or LED COB Lights.

But you know what? LED Panel Lights are slowly replacing these conventional lights. Due to their special lighting effect, higher durability, and efficiency customers are preferring these lights over the ordinary ones. 

Another thing to add here is; panel lights have Surface Mounted Devices installed in them, which can emit brighter light as compared to other conventional lights, except COB Lights – because of the presence of more diodes in COB, they can emit higher quality bright light.

These modern lights are affordable and environment-friendly and have been declared the best for domestic purposes as per customer experience. These easy-to-install LED Ceiling Lights offer you a fantastic lighting experience.

These slim, lightweight, and compact panel lights are available in both round and square shapes. These modern-day ceiling lights are available in different light shadows, i.e., white, 4K natural, and warm white. Customers prefer 4K natural colour over others, as 4K colour will give your home an eye-catchy look.

Moving on to the other colours – white is mainly used in the kitchen area as it will add a glossy tone to your kitchen. In contrast, warm white is mostly used in the bedside lamp, behind the television cabinet, or to highlight any wallpaper.

Our Panel Lights can spread the light in wider angles to illuminate your room corners better along with low power consumption. So from now onwards, forget about the high electricity bills and keep illuminating your life with Prayag Lite.

If we talk about the life span of these modern lights, it is comparatively higher than the other traditional lights. You can easily use these ceiling lights wherever you want; indoors or outdoors.

We have all types of lighting solutions to light up your home for any special moment. Please browse through our wide range of LED Panel Lights; Prayag Lite may be a new name for you in this market, but you can trust us because our product’s quality speaks louder than words. But the thing that we would like to mention before you start browsing is: “Currently, we don’t have any online sales portal on this website, so for any type of queries, please contact us to get an estimate of the product with heavy discounts.”

Benefits and Features of LED Panel Lights

Give your beautiful home a unique look with LED Panel Lights. Before making any purchase, we recommend you properly to check the dimensions of your false ceiling and consult with your electrician regarding the wattage supply.

Suppose you need a very bright light in your room, so you have to go for higher wattage light, and to set up this, you need to check the power supply wattage to that particular area.

You need not to worry about the lifespan of these lights due to modern technology’s presence. Make an ideal investment in our LED Panel Lights and enjoy a superior lighting experience.

One thing you need to remember while installing these lights is; to maintain an equal distance in every panel light so that the shadow can emit into a much wider area and it will ultimately make your room look brighter.

Shop these Ceiling Lights today and enjoy the heavy discounts…

LED Panel Lights Frequently Asked Questions

Which company LED panel light is best?

Prayag Lite is the best brand for LED Panel Lights in India – as our products have a longer lifeline, much more efficiency and durability, and the ultimate light quality with two years warranty and lifelong service assurance at your doorstep. We are just a call away.

What is LED panel light?

LED Panel is a mixture of two words – LED and Panel. LED stands for Light Emitting Diode – the main light source as soon as it directly relates to the current or power supply. A panel is generally a square, round or rectangular shape component installed in the ceiling. LED Panel Lights have Surface Mounted Devices installed, enabling them to emit brighter light.

Are LED panel lights any good?

Yes, these lights are becoming more preferred ceiling lights than conventional ones. Due to their longer lifespan, higher durability, and power consumption-like features, these lights are slowly becoming the customer’s first choice.

How do I choose LED panel lights?

A normal customer can only choose the panel lights with these two below-mentioned factors:
1. Brightness
2. Durability

What are 2 advantages of LED lights?

1. Higher efficiency and durability
2. Environment friendly
3. Not harmful to eyes
4. Cost efficient
5. Long lasting
6. Energy efficient

Which LED panel lights are better round or square?

Mainly it depends on the design of your ceiling – but according to the customer’s preferability, round lights are much better than square because they are easy to install, look more compact and slim, and can spread the light into a wider angle. In contrast, square lights are better for offices/showrooms.

Which light is best for living room?

Every light is best in its way – it all depends on your taste and the size of your ceiling:
1. If you want to highlight any wall art or wall painting, then LED Track Lights would be a perfect choice.
2. If you want more bright light in every corner of your living room, then LED COB Lights would be an ideal choice.
3. If you don’t want that much bright light and want a soothing light effect, then LED Panel Lights would be a great choice.
4. Hanging Lights or Chandeliers would be a better choice if you want to add a modern touch to your living room.
5. LED Strip Lights or Profile Lights would be superb if you want to give a warm look in your living room.

LED Panel Light Brands Available at Prayag Lite

Here are some different LED Panel Light brand products available at Prayag Lite, apart from our manufactured products.

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