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Are you getting bored of those old-school LED tube lights? No need to worry – LED COB Lights from Prayag Lite will help you enlighten your overall mood. Prayag Lite offers a wide range of lighting solutions for false ceilings to give your beautiful home an aesthetic look.

You must have seen these type of round, sleek-body design lights in bungalows, showrooms and offices, but now the trend is going in a different direction; even the owners of small homes are looking after these LED COB Lights to add warm feeling to their home.

These COB lights’ light shadow is much higher than the other downlighters, panel lights and old-fashioned tube lights. Let’s dive into more depth to study about the COB Lights.

COB stands for Chip On Board, in which the LED chip is mounted in direct relation with PCB – this method is used behind the manufacturing of LED COB Lights. This modern method offers high-density light, due to which COB Lights are trending these days. Due to this modern technology, you can also expect a long lifeline from these lights.

Whether you want to lighten up your room, any narrow passage in your home or your attached balconies – COB Light is the only solution you should go for. Adding some more specs: These round-body LED Ceiling Lights are available in different light shadows, i.e. warm-white, 4K natural, and white.

But the market is going after 4K natural light shadow colour; it will give your home an eye-catchy look. You can choose this 4K natural colour for any room in your home except the kitchen area – because white is the perfect colour we recommend our customers to use in their kitchen area.

A pro tip: try to keep the kitchen surrounding area white by using white tiles or white paint as it will ultimately add a glossy look to your kitchen, and try to avoid dark colours in the kitchen area as it will result in low light density.

These easy-to-install LED COB Lights are affordable and reliable as compared to other modern ceiling lights. The main advantage of this COB Light is – it emits the brightest light without even getting hot easily.

Please browse through our wide range of LED COB Lights; Prayag Lite has all types of lighting solutions to light up your home for any beautiful moment. But the thing that we would like to mention before you start browsing is: “Currently, we don’t have any online sales portal on this website, so for any type of queries, please contact us to get an estimate of the product with heavy discounts.”

Benefits and Features of LED COB Lights

Enjoy the superior lighting solutions from Prayag Lite. Our COB Light is manufactured to fulfil all your needs. In today’s era, where everyone tries to hide the light adaptors in the ceiling or the wall, our COB Light comes with an adaptor installed inside the body itself.

This lightweight COB Light can be installed in the ceiling very easily; you need to cut out the required ceiling area and fix it as per your need. The energy-saving feature of this modern light makes it a perfect fit for any home.

We’re damn sure that this ceiling light will help you enlighten your mood. The adjustable viewing angle allows the light to spread into every corner of your room equally. COB Light body is available in two colours – black and white- so you can choose the colour according to your needs or depending upon the contrast of your ceiling.

LED COB Lights Frequently Asked Questions

What does COB mean on LED lights?

COB stands for Chip On Board, in which the LED light chip is mounted directly with the Printed Circuit Board – this method is used behind the manufacturing of LED COB Lights.

Is COB LED better than LED?

Generally speaking, Yes – COB Lights are far better than other LED Lights as they are affordable, reliable, much brighter, consume less power and emit a controlled amount of light which is not harmful to the eyes and can be adjusted easily due to its adjustable viewing angle.

Which brand is best for COB light?

Prayag Lite is the best brand for COB Light – as our products have a longer lifeline, much more efficiency and the ultimate light quality with 2 years warranty and lifelong service assurance at your doorstep.

Do COB LED get hot?

Yes, to some extent, COB Lights get hot; if they are in working mode 24×7. No light has been manufactured in the market yet that doesn’t get hot if they are continuously working. But, the modern technology installed in this light protects it from getting hot as much as it can, as compared to other ceiling lights.

Do COB LED need driver?

Yes, without a driver, COB Light will not glow up – but the interesting fact is that, nowadays, COB Lights are coming with pre-installed compatible LED drivers inside their body.

How long does a COB LED last?

The average life span of modern LED COB Light is approximately 50,000 hours.

What is COB light used for?

COB Light is mainly used:
1. When you need a continuous, high-quality light in your room/office – for study or work purposes.
2. To light up any narrow passage in your home.
3. To glow up your balconies.
4. To focus on any particular area in the kitchen.

Which is brighter SMD or COB?

COB stands for Chip On Board, whereas SMD stands for Surface Mounted Device – In COB, we have more diodes than SMD. Thus COB is much brighter than SMD.

Which is better COB or panel light?

As per our experience, COB Lights are much better than panel lights; because panel lights have SMD installed in them; due to that, they can’t emit the bright light, whereas due to the presence of more diodes in COB, they can emit higher quality bright light.

LED COB Light Brands Available at Prayag Lite

Here are some different LED COB Light brand products available at Prayag Lite, apart from our manufactured products.

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