8 Hallway Lighting Ideas To Illuminate The Space

8 Hallway Lighting Ideas To Illuminate The Space

Give your home a luxurious touch with our hallway lighting ideas guide. Although hallways are often used for quick passage, they are an essential part of the house that can significantly benefit from well-designed lighting.

From wall-hanging lights and chandeliers to COB and Track lights, many options are available for creating ambient lighting effects and illuminating your corridor space.

If you’re planning to renovate your dull, dark, and narrow hallway and seeking some best hallway lighting ideas, Prayag Lite’s lighting solutions can help you create an aesthetic look for your corridor space.

Impress your guests now by showcasing to them the beauty of your hallway. We’ve created a list of affordable options to help you add a charming look to your hallway while keeping budget issues in mind.

You don’t always have to spend much on large, expensive ceiling lights to illuminate your space. Affordable and small-sized ceiling lights can also add a touch of elegance to narrow areas like hallways.

As we all know, lighting is crucial in our daily lives, yet we often neglect to place lights in areas where we frequently pass through. For areas like hallways, it’s essential to have sufficient lighting that allows for safe passage while also providing a minimal light effect.

Installing adequate hallway lights can add a soothing touch to your surroundings. So, without wasting time, let’s start with the top 8 hallway lighting ideas.

Hallway Lighting Ideas

1. Install Footlights In The Hallway

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Footlights, also called night lights, are an excellent option for illuminating hallways, particularly during the nighttime. These small lights can be easily installed into the wall and consume less electricity while illuminating the room effectively.

You have the option to choose between black or white body colours for these modern lights, depending on the contrast you prefer in your hallway. Moreover, it’s also possible to automate these lights if you desire. The lights will automatically illuminate based on motion detection, adding a luxurious touch to the surroundings.

We recommend opting for a warm-white light colour, as it can significantly enhance the overall appearance of your hallway. Additionally, these small lights are easy to install; you only need to create an appropriate space in the wall to accommodate the fixture.

If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to achieve a stylish and cozy look in your hallway, these waterproof footlights are worth considering. They come in various wattage options, so you can select the one that best fits your needs. However, based on our experience, we recommend opting for a wattage range from 2W to 5W to achieve a ultimate appearance.

If you’re currently in the process of renovating your home, we recommend checking out our guide on how to choose false ceiling lights.

2. Enhance Your Home’s Corridor With Profile Lights

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Profile lights are a top-rated lighting solution for creating ambient lighting effects in hallways. They are an enhanced version of strip lights, which are cost-effective and easy to install either on the ceiling or walls, depending on your preferences.

Profile lights could be an ideal choice if you’re searching for modern hallway lighting ideas. We recommend considering profile lights with fewer LED bulbs for smaller or narrower areas, as they can create a more calming and relaxing ambience in the hallway.

For a larger hallway, it is recommended to use profile lights with more LED bulbs to achieve great lighting. While you can make any design with these lights, it’s important to note that they cannot be bent or curved.

Choosing a 4K natural or warm-white light colour can add a luxurious touch to your hallway. To learn more about what is profile light and how it can enhance your space, we invite you to read our informative blog post.

3. Make The Most Of Surface Drum Lights

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If you want to deviate slightly from the trend and add unique illumination to your hallway, consider these surface drum lights especially designed for corridors. With their easy installation and ability to brighten up even the darkest hallways, they are an ideal lighting solution for anyone looking for unique hallway lighting ideas.

Surface-mounted drum lights come in various sizes and provide excellent lighting quality. With their ability to distribute light evenly, these drum lights create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere in any room.

Maintaining these hallway lights is also hassle-free, and you can easily detach them from the ceiling without any difficulties. In addition to these drum lights, incorporating profile lights is also worth considering for additional lighting options.

A comfortable and cozy ambience can be achieved by combining drum lights and corridor profile lights within the cove ceiling.

4. Add COB Lights To The Hallway

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For enhancing the brightness in your home hallway or office corridor, it is recommended to install LED COB Lights in the ceiling. These compact ceiling lights are the most brightest compared to conventional lighting options.

These hallway ceiling lights are easy to install, lightweight, and consume less energy, leading to a long lifespan compared to other lighting alternatives. These modern lights are available in multiple sizes, shapes, and wattage options, allowing you to select the one that best suits your preferences.

These sleek design ceiling lights are perfect for various places, including commercial spaces, outdoor environments, and residential areas. If you want to illuminate a narrow space like a hallway, we recommend selecting warm white or 4K natural light colour for the best possible lighting output.

Reflect your positive vibes and elevate the charm of your hallway by installing these affordable ceiling lights.

5. Choose Modern Track Lights For The Hallway

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Transform your hallway with LED Track Lights, the perfect addition to your hallway lighting ideas. Illuminate your walls and highlight your decor with these fantastic ceiling lights.

Track lights are considered as one of the top choices for corridor lighting due to their modern design and uniform light output. With track lights, you can adjust the angle of the light as per your requirements, either upward or downward.

These lights are placed onto a magnetic track embedded into the ceiling, providing an unique way to incorporate track lights. Corridor track lights come in diverse styles, wattage options, and shapes.

For a brighter and energy-efficient lighting solution for your hallway, we suggest considering track lights. To best suit your needs, you can select a light colour based on the contrast of your hallway.

Our blog about LED Track Lights is a complete source of information on this subject and will surely educate you well.

6. Use Two-Way Uplighters In The Corridor

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Sometimes it can be challenging to select the perfect hallway lighting due to the variety of options available. But our guide can assist you well in choosing the ideal lighting for your corridor.

If you are looking for an affordable way to illuminate your corridor’s ceiling and floor simultaneously; consider two-way uplighters. By selecting two-way up lighters, you can decrease your electricity bills as you won’t need to choose additional lights for your hallway.

Two-way uplighters can create a visually appealing lighting effect due to their ability to emit light both upward and downward. These modern wall-mounted lights can enhance the aesthetics of your hallway.

Two-way uplighters are offered in various sizes, colours, and styles, providing a number of options to create a fantastic lighting effect. If you’re looking for a soft and elegant lighting touch for your corridor, these lights can fulfill your needs.

7. Go For Hanging Lights

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Whether you’re seeking traditional or modern hallway lighting ideas, we have the perfect solution. These pendant lights are an excellent way to add a touch of elegance to your hallway.

If you want to bring an elegant feel to your hallway, pendant lights could be just the addition you need. Not only they are affordable, but they’re also lightweight, energy-efficient, and provide excellent illumination.

The availability of various designs and styles of hanging lights can often lead to confusion for individuals when selecting the most suitable lighting option for their hallways.

You can choose to install multiple hanging lights in your hallway, depending on the amount of light output you desire. However, it’s important to ensure that the lights are hung at an appropriate height to showcase their elegance and provide an effective illumination throughout the hallway.

8. Elevate Your Hallway’s Aesthetic With Chandeliers

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Finally, we would like to introduce another lighting idea for hallways: chandeliers. If budget is not a concern and you are searching for the ultimate lighting option to illuminate the area, this could be an exceptional choice.

Create a minimalist lighting ambience in your hallway with chandeliers. These corridor lights are crafted from delicate materials, so handling them carefully during ceiling installation is essential.

You can choose from a wide range of modern hanging ceiling lights for your hallway, depending on factors such as size, style, and design. It’s essential to consider your hallway’s dimensions first to determine which option would be the best fit for you.

Our recommendation is to install a single chandelier in the ceiling, along with some modern small hallway ceiling lights such as COB or Track lights to ensure proper lighting throughout the space.


What is the best lighting for a hallway?

For a large hallway, a combination of profile lights and COB lights would be a good choice to provide optimal lighting. However, for a small hallway, hanging lights would be the most suitable choice.

Should a hallway be lighter or darker?

Individual preferences play a significant role here, but according to general guidelines, it is advisable to keep the hallway – light in colour to ensure proper illumination in the room. Hallways with dark tones or colours decreases the light distribution, making them less appealing.

What colour light is best for hallway?

According to customer feedback, the 4K natural light colour is the ideal choice for hallways. This colour provides a cozy atmosphere, creates an appealing lighting effect, and offers high brightness.

How do I brighten my interior hallway?

To brighten up your interior hallway, consider the following steps:
1. Choose light-coloured walls to enhance the brightness of the hallway.
2. Go for an affordable lighting solution that fits your budget.
3. Choose an appropriate light, such as COB or Track lighting, depending on the size of your hallway.
4. Hang mirrors on the walls to reflect more light and create a brighter look.
5. Seek natural light, as it can bring positive vibes into the space.

What is trending in the 2023 hallway?

In 2023, various hallway lighting ideas are gaining popularity, but the two primary ones are:
1. Installing appropriate ceiling lights in the hallway.
2. Choosing a light colour contrast for the hallway.


Investing in suitable lighting solutions can significantly improve your mood and enhance the atmosphere of your space. We understand the importance of lighting and its ability to highlight the special moments.

As such, we have shared some top hallway lighting ideas to help you make the most of your space. We hope we have educated you well. If you’re interested in purchasing high-quality and affordable hallway ceiling lights, please Contact Us today and get an estimate, including a heavy discount.

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