How To Choose False Ceiling Lights

A Complete Guide On How To Choose False Ceiling Lights

False Ceiling Lights are a significant way to modernize your home in 2023. For those who want an elegant touch in their home, ceiling lights would be the perfect choice for you guys.

A wide range of false ceiling lights is available in the market – depending on the size, quality, colour and brand. We can understand; considering all these factors at a time makes it difficult to choose the best false ceiling light for your home.

In the ruling era of Instagram and Pinterest, users are getting confused and diversified while selecting the different types of false ceiling lights for their home and the result is; they just make the purchase from the buyer without understanding the basic things behind the LED Ceiling Lights.

There are so many aspects that you need to keep in mind while selecting false ceiling lights. False ceiling lights illuminate the area around you and add a soothing touch to your surroundings.

The higher the quality and brightness of false ceiling light – the higher it will help to enlighten your mood. Thus, these modern ceiling lights are also known as mood enhancer lights.

According to some already published resources on the web, approximately 65% of the Indian population is still using that old school traditional lights in their home, but the current situation is different; if we consider the case of modern constructed houses – we will mostly find these trendy false ceiling lights over there.

The reason why people are shifting towards these false ceiling lights are –

  • These are easy to install.
  • These are not harmful to the eyes.
  • False ceiling LED lights are durable and environment friendly.
  • These are affordable, and the light output is extremely high compared to the tube lights.

Without wasting much more time, let’s dive into how to choose false ceiling lights for your home or office.

How To Choose False Ceiling Lights

1. Cove False Ceiling Lights Design

How to choose the false ceiling lights
Source: Pinterest

You must have seen this type of false ceiling design somewhere or the other; this simple and elegant design is the most suitable lighting solution to represent your aura.

Going for this design offers you two benefits – like suppose you are having a movie night and want to create a mood lighting effect around you so this cove false ceiling light design would be the perfect choice for that; secondly, you will get an incredible light output that is not harmful to eyes also.

This false ceiling design is ideal for bedrooms, living rooms, kitchen areas, bathrooms etc. To create this modern design, you must add strip and COB lights in the ceiling. This type of ceiling design is easy to make. Whether you have a small room also of size 5×5 feet, without any second thought, go for this attention seeker design.

So, for those who are seeking how to choose false ceiling lights – we have provided you with the solution.

2. Profile False Ceiling Lights

How to choose the best false ceiling lights
Source: Pinterest

Want to highlight your corridor space or lounge area? Give a try to these ultimate false ceiling lights. These affordable and durable ceiling lights help to increase any room’s charm. The superb quality and high lighting effect will surely attract your guests.

You can create any design in the ceiling with these profile lights – whether you are looking for a zig-zag pattern, rectangular or square pattern, every design is possible with these upgraded strip lights.

The only three things that are required to create this modern design are:

  1. Aluminium Case
  2. LED Strip Light
  3. Adaptor

Our blog on what is profile light will surely educate you well on this topic.

3. Recessed False Ceiling Lights

How To Choose The Best False Ceiling Lights For Your Home
Source: Pinterest

Do you have a low ceiling in your home and want to recreate a unique design to attract guests? Try out this recessed ceiling light design. This ultra-modern ceiling design is the ultimate way to perfectly light up your living room or dining space.

Only with the help of LED Strip Lights and COB Lights, you can create this fabulous design. Just ensure the appropriate distance between the lights is at least 2 feet.

A small tip: go for something other than RGB strip lights, especially in your living or dining areas. Try to maintain a minimal light effect to reflect your vibe.

4. Magnetic Track False Ceiling Lights Design

How To Choose The Right False Ceiling Lights
Source: Pinterest

Magnetic Track is a medium in which you can easily add ceiling lights like – track lights, or laser lights, etc. This medium is installed in the ceiling, giving your apartment a lavish look.

This modern false ceiling light design is commonly seen in living rooms, bedrooms, offices, etc. To make your room look more attractive, you can add corner strip lights or profile lights to out-glow the corners of the room ceiling.

If you are one of those who doesn’t prefer hanging lights in their home, this sleek ceiling light design is an excellent choice for you.

5. Track False Ceiling Lights

Choose the false ceiling lights
Source: Pinterest

Here we are presenting one of the most selling false ceiling lights for homes all over India – LED Track Lights. Elevate the entire charm of your surroundings within just seconds with the help of this ceiling light design.

The reason why customers prefer these ceiling lights are:

  • Track lights are capable of spreading their light at a wider angle without getting heated up quickly.
  • Due to their durability and long lifeline, these lights are a perfect fit for any occasion.

If you want to highlight any wall art or painting, you must choose these ceiling lights on a priority basis; we can assure you that there’s no better option than these lights in the market.

Our blog on LED Track Lights will surely educate you well on this topic. With the help of this, we’ve answered your question on how to choose false ceiling lights.

6. Modern Semi-Flush Mount False Ceiling Light Ideas

Choose the right false ceiling light
Source: Pinterest

This modern semi-flush mount ceiling light design gives your interiors a porch look. This will be an excellent solution for those who want to avoid hanging chandeliers because of the low ceiling height.

These ceiling lights are highly recommended for corridor space, pooja rooms, and hallways. Compared to chandeliers, these lights are less expensive, consume less power and require minimum space.

The main advantage of this false ceiling light is that you can clean it easily with the help of a cloth piece, unlike chandeliers.

7. COB False Ceiling Lights Design

Choose the best false ceiling light
Source: Pinterest

Say goodbye to those old-school downlighters now. Install these round and sleek design LED COB Lights in the ceiling and enjoy the special lighting effect.

This ceiling design is most commonly seen in showrooms, offices, large-size living rooms, kitchen areas, bedrooms, and bathrooms. These ceiling lights add a warm feeling to your surroundings due to their tremendous and high-intensity light output.

Most of the time, you don’t need those large-size ceiling lights to lighten up the space. If you correctly place these small size ceiling lights at an adequate distance, these lights will also effectively provide a brighter light illumination.

Add a bright lighting touch to narrow passages in your home with these reliable, lightweight, and easy-to-install false ceiling lights.

8. LED Strip Lights For False Ceiling Design

False Ceiling Lights For Home
Source: Pinterest

Choosing the right false ceiling lights for a home is an essential and challenging task because your one small mistake while purchasing the light can turn into a major one. Thus you need to understand the purpose of each light to elevate the look of your false ceiling.

These highly durable and water-resistant LED Strip Lights give your home an appealing look. Unlike profile lights, you can easily bend, and curve these strip lights as required.

There is not much difference between the strip and profile lights, but as we know young generation mostly like RGB light effects, so this will be a perfect fit for them.

Whether you’re a gamer or a movie lover, these strip lights would solve both your colour and budget problems. These tape lights are ideal for a gaming room or chilling room.

9. LED Panel False Ceiling Light Ideas

Tips on how to choose the false ceiling lights
Source: Pinterest

Are you looking for an affordable false ceiling lighting design for your home? Then, try out these LED Panel Lights. Panel lights emit brighter light than traditional ones, except for COB Lights. Because COB Lights are expensive and due to the presence of more diodes in them, they can emit higher-quality bright light.

These panel false ceiling lights are ideal for the kitchen areas, dining space, and medium size bedrooms. Make a perfect investment in these ceiling lights and enjoy a fabulous lighting experience.

10. Chandeliers – False Ceiling Lights

Tips on how to choose the false ceiling lights
Source: Pinterest

Do you need clarification while choosing the best false ceiling lights to spruce up your interiors? We’ve got a solution for you – Chandeliers are believed to be one of the most in-demand and elegant ceiling lights to illuminate your surroundings.

The two main advantages of these chandeliers are decorating the space and entertaining your guests by making them feel good. Now, you must be wondering how to choose the right false ceiling light or chandelier for your home – the answer to this is; you need to make sure that you have an ample space in the false ceiling.

Chandeliers are expensive and delicate, so you need to install them in the ceiling carefully. These ceiling lights are ideal for dining, living spaces or lounge areas.

11. Surface Drum False Ceiling Lights Design

Tips on how to choose the best false ceiling lights
Source: Pinterest

Lighten up your home balconies, lounge areas and bedrooms with these surface-mounted drum lights. Somewhere or the other, you must have seen these types of false ceiling lights design installed on the WPC Louvers fixed on the ceiling.

These downlighters are ideally used to increase the home’s charm with their focused lighting effect. Drum lights are easy to install and only occupy a few area to get fixed. So, if you have limited space in the false ceiling, go for these.

12. Hanging False Ceiling Lights For Home

Tips on how to choose the right false ceiling lights
Source: Pinterest

Hanging false ceiling lights are similar to chandeliers. These modern, small pendant lights can add a minimalistic look to any sober room.

These low-ceiling lights are ideally installed in the bedrooms or living rooms. Based on the trend, the sales rate of hanging lights is much higher than that of chandeliers.

Lightweight hanging lights are less expensive and consume less power than chandeliers. Create a cozy atmosphere around you by installing these pendant lights.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which light colour is best for false ceiling?

Based on the customer’s experience, 4K Natural light colour is the best for false ceiling. Because 4K Natural light colour gives your home a catchy eye look, and it can easily fit with any room contrast.

Which is the best brand for false ceiling lights?

Prayag Lite is the best brand for false ceiling lights – our products are affordable, have a longer lifeline, are much more efficient and have the ultimate light quality with two years warranty and lifelong service assurance at your doorstep.

Which false ceiling light is best for living room?

It’s believed that the living room should be full of different types of false ceiling lights to provide you with the best illumination. You can use COB lights, track lights, and profile lights for the living room.

Which light is best for false ceiling round or square?

It mainly depends on the design of your false ceiling, your requirements, and your taste. But as per the market trends, round false ceiling lights are considered the best as they look much sleeker and can provide extraordinary light output.

What are the benefits of false ceiling lights?

The benefits of false ceiling lights are as follows:
1. Higher efficiency
2. More reliability
3. Power efficient
4. Bright light illumination
5. Long lifeline
6. Easily affordable
7. Environment friendly
8. Durable and flexible
9. Looks highly attractive
10. Easy to install

LED False Ceiling Light Brands Available at Prayag Lite

Here are some different LED False Ceiling Light brand products available at Prayag Lite, apart from our manufactured products.


So, this was all about how to choose false ceiling lights in brief. We hope we have educated you well. If you want to buy the best quality LED false ceiling lights for your home or office at an affordable price, Contact Us today and get an estimate, including a heavy discount.

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