What is Profile Light: What You Need To Know

Profile Light: A new trend that is booming in the market these days. Whether we talk about residential or corporate areas, you will find these profile lights everywhere.

Profile light indeed helps to increase the charm of any room. Now the major problem that arises here is; that customers do not know much about these LED Profile Lights. Whosoever knows about it; they don’t know how to install profile lights in the ceiling and the major criteria you need to follow while installing these modern lights.

We have mostly seen customers these days take ideas from Pinterest and want to install the light in the same way at their home without understanding the basics behind these lights; frankly speaking, it’s not easy to just install these profile lights in the ceiling.

You need to know every single aspect, how much deep your aluminium case should be as per your ceiling, how many bulbs your LED Strip should contain, and the major thing, what kind of adaptor you need to illuminate these lights.

There are various types of profile light designs that you can create and give an elegant touch to your room. Whether you want a linear look design, zig-zag design, square or rectangle design, everything is possible with these modern lights.

Today we are going to help you by providing every minor detail about profile light in brief. First of all, we will start with the following:

What is Profile Light?

Profile Light is the upgraded version of the LED Strip Lights, installed inside the aluminium case covered in a clear plastic tube.

This modern light consists of three major elements:

  1. Aluminium Case
  2. LED Strip
  3. Adaptor

1. Aluminium Case

What is Profile Light

This case mainly provides covering, and the light gets fixed inside this aluminium case. This case is available in different sizes and can vary from 6mm deep to 100mm deep, depending on your needs. As per recommendations, a 6mm deep case is more than enough in residential areas.

The maximum length in which this aluminium case is available, i.e., 10m only. So, now suppose you have a room of size 15×20 feet and want to install the profile light in the ceiling from end to end. The only way possible is to create a joint in the profile light so it can reach the other end.

But as per our experience, the joint in the profile light doesn’t look good, so it’s necessary to finalize the design before purchasing the aluminium case.

For regular use, we recommend you should go for the high-quality case due to the heat-resistant feature; otherwise, if your purpose is to decorate the room, then you should go for a low-quality case as it’s cheaper also.

2. LED Strip

What is Profile Light

LED Strip Light is the second most essential thing; that is used to get fixed inside the aluminium case. The strip light is available in different varieties, from colours to bulbs, a wide range of categories exist.

Suppose you want to illuminate your whole 15×20 feet room, then we recommend you should go for 240 LED per meter strip – it means there are a total of 240 small light bulbs in that 1-meter strip. So, in simple words, we can say that – the higher the amount of bulbs in the per meter strip is equal to higher the amount of light.

On the other hand, if your purpose is to highlight any wall art or create a cozy environment, we recommend you should go for a 90 LED per meter strip or 120 LED per meter strip.

Please browse through our wide range of LED Strip Lights; Prayag Lite may be a new name for you in this market, but you can trust us because our product’s quality speaks louder than words.

3. Adaptor


The third most important thing that supplies power to this whole system is adaptor. Because you can’t directly plug in the profile light switch in the socket, so adaptor works as an intermediate to supply the power to the light.

There are a wide range of adaptors available in the market. You must be wondering that from these wide range of adaptors how we can choose the one which we require to glow our profile light.

The simple hack for this is that; the higher the amount of bulbs in the per meter strip is equal to higher the amount of power supply adaptor. So now, easily calculate it and decide which adaptor is the perfect fit for you.

Now moving on to the next segment, we will be going to discuss:

How To Install Profile Light in the Ceiling?

Step 1: Finalize the profile light design so that you can adjust things accordingly without facing any problems. Finalizing is the most important step because only after this can you get an idea about how many aluminium cases you need to create your design properly.

Step 2: Hand over the aluminium cases to your false ceiling contractor and ask him to carefully cut the grooves of the exact size.

Step 3: Call your electrician now, and ask him to properly fix the aluminium cases in the ceiling with the help of screws and adhesive for strong hold.

Step 4: Paste your LED Strip Light in the aluminium case by removing the back-side tape. There is no need to apply any adhesive because strip lights are available with pre-applied self-adhesive. Make sure that the strip light is fixed properly on the aluminium case.

Step 5: Ask your electrician to make a small hole at the end of the aluminium case so that the strip wires can easily pass through it, and you can hide the wires in the ceiling.

Step 6: Connect the adaptor to your strip light wires and make it ready for use. After supplying the power to the strip light, ensure everything works fine.

Step 7: If everything is fine, fix the plastic cover over your aluminium case; this is how your profile light is installed successfully in the ceiling.

Moving forward we will discuss about some profile light design ideas that are currently trending in the market.

Profile Light Design Ideas

1. Linear Design on the Roof and Wall:

Profile Light

This type of modern design is mainly found in lavish bedrooms – The only reason customers are preferring this design because it’s easy to create, doesn’t require much effort, and saves money and time.

2. Zig-Zag Pattern

Profile Light Design

The zig-zag profile light design pattern adds an exquisite touch to your lobby or lounge area. This is a time-consuming task, but believe us, this design will surely add awfulness to the particular area.

3. Corner Covering

Led Profile Light

Now make the corners of your home out-glow with this modern design. Leave a gap of around 2 feet from every corner so the light can spread properly to every place without getting cut.

4. Half Rectangular

Profile Lights Design

This half-rectangular profile design will add an elegant touch to your living area or any conference room. Make your room a center of attraction for your guests and experience a minimalistic appearance.

5. Ceiling Highlighter

Profile Lights

Highlight your ceiling by creating this geometric bar graph-like design structure. Such designs are preferable for dining areas and bedrooms.

6. Stair Light Design

Profile Light Design Ideas

Give your stairs a glossy touch with profile lights. This trendy design will be beneficial in two ways:

  1. It will act as a night light for you.
  2. It will add an aesthetic touch to your interiors.

7. Cove Ceiling

Profile Light in Cove

This cove lighting design pattern will help you elevate your bedroom’s charm within just seconds. Improve the overall look of your bedroom with this recessed ceiling design.

8. Wall Highlighter

Profile Light on wall

This classy profile light design gives your wall a modern touch. Hide any scratches or breakage on the wall with the help of this wall highlighter pattern.

9. Pillar Cover

Profile Light On Pillar

Are you getting bored of those old-school wallpapers and texture designs on the center pillars of your home? Try out this pillar cover pattern design and create a contemporary ambience around you.

10. Ceiling Edge Design

Profile Light in Ceiling

One can enjoy the cozy atmosphere if one likes to stay in the simple and minimal ceiling light effect.

If you want to know more about some other home lighting ideas in 2023, then read our blog here.


What is the use of profile light in ceiling?

The actual use of the profile light in ceiling is just to lit up the surrounding area mainly on some special events.

What are the advantages of profile lights?

1. The are ideally used for room decoration purposes.
2. Easy to install
3. Affordable
4. You can create any design easily.
5. Not harmful to eyes.

What are the disadvantages of profile lights?

1. Not recommend for workspaces.
2. The light output is comparatively low as compared to other ceiling lights.

Which company profile light is best?

Prayag Lite is the best brand for profile lights – as our products have a longer lifeline, much more efficiency, and the ultimate light quality with 2 years warranty and lifelong service assurance at your doorstep.

Is profile light durable?

Yes, profile lights are durable and power efficient. They have a longer lifeline as compared to other ceiling lights.

LED Profile Light Brands Available at Prayag Lite

Here are some different LED Profile Light brand products available at Prayag Lite, apart from our manufactured products.


So, this was all about profile light in brief. We hope we have educated you well. If you want to buy profile light at an affordable price, Contact Us today and get an estimate, including a heavy discount.

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